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Taekwondo Team “Fire-Sofia” was established in 2009 and since 2010 it has been an official member of the Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation WT. Our goal is to proliferate the Korean martial art Taekwondo among children, adolescents and adults as a means of their physical and spiritual development. As long-standing followers not only of the sport, but also of the martial art, we strive to build decent, responsible, organized and knowledge-seeking people, introducing them into the world of taekwondo and its principles. Our students are an example for their peers not only in sports but also in every field of our everyday activities and for us as their coaches it is a pride that, with the help of Taekwondo, we manage to build decent and successful young people who have clear goal and direction in life and who are true followers of the sport, martial art and the philosophical doctrine of Taekwondo.

  • Тел. за контакт089 686 5981
  • Emailfiretkd@abv.bg
  • Тренировъчна зала126-то ОУ